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Where to find Sci-Fi-Space-Future figurines in 1/72-25mm?

Posted by Xantippos on 20 Nov 2022, 08:15

Hello all, I was considering increasing my small armies of future soldiers in 1/72 scale, but I am wondering how to buy them, and which sets really exists.

In PSR, more or less only the GIANT astronauts, and the Dark Alliance space troopers appear (I have the Dark Alliance and Hegemony Space Soldiers). Most metal figurines are unsuitable as all are in 28mm, as are Warhammers, where only some robots are usable.

I know there are Micro Machines from Star Wars, but these are quite expensive and a bit troublesome to find in quantity, and I already have a few. The minifigurines of WarPlanets (Trendmasters, 1996) are excellent and what started me in this scale/subject, but now I more or less have all of them.

I remember seeing on eBay a large set of blue sort of Halo Troopers, but I didn't manage to win the auction, and I think not even the seller knew what was their name.

Any ideas?
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Posted by blacksmith on 20 Nov 2022, 11:10

This friend does some 20mm sci-fi but mostly post-apoc. I think it could help you:
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Posted by steve_pickstock on 20 Nov 2022, 21:54

We have already discussed this on my Star Wars thread viewtopic.php?f=11&t=26012.
The Micro Galaxy stuff is very nice and has some potential for conversion and though, they are quite expensive I'm looking to get some more. ... -squadron/
And of course the figures from the Dark Alliance/Red Box collectif Survivors sets - and Stalkers sets - Aside from Walking Dead, World War Z and other Zombie type of scenarios, they would do for planetary militias and rebels quite nicely.
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Posted by Susofrick on 21 Nov 2022, 12:38

Our good friend Alex Gussev have made some SciFi-figs (among all his Medieval, Roman and Russian figs).
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Posted by carlosfaro on 03 Dec 2022, 20:10

The best answer is going for 3d printing..
Look at the reuslts of PLastic generlk Jack CAngels:
did you ever see such nice Space MArine 1/72 scale? ... egins.html

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Posted by Londoncopper on 01 Feb 2023, 19:46

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