Benno's Figures Forum is an independent online (and sometimes offline) community for collectors, painters and wargamers of miniatures. This site is about everything miniatures related: figures, tanks, AFV's, airplanes, ships or busts, you name it.

People from all over the world are welcome to join and post their work in any of the forums, start discussions related to miniatures (wargaming), or to help improve each other's painting skills by giving tips and constructive criticism.

Forum Philosophy

The goal of this forum is for people from all over the world to help each other, to inspire each other and to have fun in this hobby. You can help by posting pictures of your painted miniatures, by giving tips and constructive criticism and to keep a friendly, open atmosphere to both new and existing members.

Forum Meetups

We also organise a yearly event called FIGZ where members of the forum have the opportunity to meet each other in real life. The idea is to organize more smaller forum meetups throughout Europe in the coming years for people who can't attend FIGZ (maybe even some meetups overseas if some members are interested in organising something).

Support the Forum

Running the forum costs money, a lot of money. The forum is paid for by our supporting members, and with the help of generous donations. You can make sure this forum stays online by becoming a Supporting Member or a Sponsor. Your help is highly appreciated!


If you have any suggestions on how to further improve this community, or if you have a question, feel free to contact me at benno@bennosfiguresforum.com.

I hope to see your contributions (and maybe even you!) in the future.

And don't forget to have fun on the forum!

Thanks for reading,

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Forum meetup in 2011 - More photos

Forum meetup in 2012 - More photos

Forum meetup in 2013 - More photos