Troll with catapult (dark alliance)

Posted by dykio on 02 Nov 2023, 17:03

Hi guys,

And now...something completely different.

Some time ago i bought the dark alliance sets with in one set 2 trolls and in another set the catapult thingys and some orcs. Now i was quite exited when they arrived but after opening the the box with the trolls it was a bit of a dissapointment.


As you can see there was a bit of flash but what was realy dissapointing was that the figures have an enormous mould seem (?) wich is impossible to cut away. Sauron probibly had a weekend hangover when he made these on mondaymorning :-D


also the catapults were a bit suffering from some flash :-D


Furthermore the plastic is realy horible to glue. So pinning and lots of superglue are required


But i thought ...well....they are trolls...and they are i cut away what was possible and decided to paint them anyway.

So here are my evil ugly twins Snip and Snap:


here you can clearly see the mould line running al the way down. In the end it doesnt realy bother me but it still is a shame.





Ps.its diffucult to see but there are some orcs on the catapult. Shuld have painted them a bit brighter i think but is how it is.

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dykio  Netherlands
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Posted by Santi Pérez on 02 Nov 2023, 19:59

Despite the bad appearance of the figures at the beginning, after your work of fixing and painting the result has been superb. Well done, dykio! :thumbup:

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Santi Pérez  Spain
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Posted by Minuteman on 02 Nov 2023, 20:14

Truly a monstrous catapult. Fine modelling. well done !
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Minuteman  United Kingdom
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Posted by Wiking on 02 Nov 2023, 20:37

I come to the solution that this are not nice guy`s.
They smell ...
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Wiking  Germany
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Posted by Konrad on 02 Nov 2023, 21:02

They looking really good! :thumbup:
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Konrad  Germany
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Posted by blacksmith on 02 Nov 2023, 23:57

Painting them all in grey was a good idea. It fits them.
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blacksmith  Spain
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Posted by Peter on 02 Dec 2023, 13:20

I like Snip and Snap and their rookies ( ;-) ) very much! :-D :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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