A fistful of Goths

Posted by Ochoin on 05 Jan 2023, 04:44

I've just finished painting some Tumbling Dice Goth medium cavalry.

As you'll notice, I've stuck them on Italeri plastic horses - Napoleonic, no less - but I think they look the part.

I suspect because they're lightly armoured & have no missile capability, they'll be cannon fodder but IMO, nice looking cannon fodder.




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Ochoin  Scotland
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Posted by Peter on 23 Jan 2023, 17:09

Nice painted and based figures, Donald :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by blacksmith on 23 Jan 2023, 19:57

I'd never realised that horses were Napoleonic. They look really good and I love your bases.
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blacksmith  Spain
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Posted by carlosfaro on 30 Jan 2023, 11:56

Ochoin, it is very nice that you make the effort on collecting and showing so much of Tumbling Dice range!!1 These figures are not easy to see at all!

NApoleonic horses do the part.. i also did the same, much cheaper than purchasing also metal horses for the riders. very well painted warriors!!!
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