The Battle of Antietam ( Sharpsburg) 17th September 1862

Posted by T. Dürrschmidt on 27 Dec 2023, 10:13

I am a big admirer of your art, Chris. You give us not just a great and mega realistic looking diorama, but also interesting historical background.
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Posted by PatrickJ71 on 30 Dec 2023, 16:24

I'm catching up a month of two...
Again some magnificent pictures that capture the right feel and atmosphere of the battlefield.
I think I'm going to print all these pictures and storytelling someday and make a book out of it.
thank you for sharing and keep them coming.
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Posted by C M Dodson on 07 Feb 2024, 19:05

The Battle of Antietam ( Sharpsburg) 17th September 1862

Timeline 10.45 AM

Union troops under the command of Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis have crossed the Rhorbach bridge, over the Antietam creek under a withering hail of Confederate musketry as their progress is furiously contested.



General Longstreet’s planned flank attack on the Union advance by Major General Lafayette Mc Laws has been again frustrated by another appalling dice throw resulting in the Division remaining immobile, facing the wrong way!

This has allowed the Union Second Brigade, Second Corps, Brigadier Oliver Howard commanding, to divert its advance to oppose a similar Confederate threat to its flank by a Confederate Brigade not affected by Mc Laws inaction.

Baxter’s Fire Zouaves, Colonel De Witt Baxter are engaged in a spirited firefight.


Their compatriots from the Second Division, Major General John Sedgwick commanding have fought their way through the West Wood, past the Dunkard church and are emerging into the last line of Confederate defence by the Mary Loacher cabin.

Reinforced by Brigadier John G Walker’s Brigade the remnants of Jackson’s command are desperately contesting the Federal onslaught.


Contemporaneously, the Union assault at the Sunken Road has increased in fury with Brigadier General William French’s division now fully committed.


Colonel John B Gordon’s Alabamians, along with their comrades are heavily engaged in attempting to repulse the wave of Federal infantry.


The pressure on the Army of North Virginia has begun to reach a crescendo of violence with its fate starting to hang in the balance.
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Posted by Rich W on 07 Feb 2024, 23:46

Fantastic update Chris. As always a visual treat with lovely details throughout each photo.
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Posted by Captain Sibourne on 08 Feb 2024, 14:00

These are beautifully done - it is the landscaping the photography that are especially well executed.
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Posted by Egbert on 08 Feb 2024, 14:52

Once again an overwhelming excerpt of the battle...
The images seem as if the scene was frozen. :drool:
Fantastic Chris as always!
:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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Posted by Bessiere on 08 Feb 2024, 20:01

Well Mr D, my sincere congratulations on continually finding ways to improve with every project. It's hard to quantify in what regards that is so as you're already at such a high level artistically but it's there. Journey on in the sublime realms you create. Intensely satisfying and intriguing to look at over and over.
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Posted by Bill Slavin on 09 Feb 2024, 02:30

Another brilliant instalment. The Confederates seem hard-pressed!
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Posted by Santi Pérez on 09 Feb 2024, 23:03

Always a pleasure to enjoy a new chapter of this amazing story, Chris. :-D

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Posted by John Simmons on 11 Feb 2024, 14:51

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of this next phase of the battle. I continue to be amazed by the perspective you achieve in your shots, with figures, scenery, buildings and backdrops all seamlessly integrated. And knowing that the dice are playing a role in how things unfold, you keep us all guessing about the outcomes. So I'm already eager to see the next installment.

John Simmons
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Posted by sansovino on 14 Feb 2024, 18:35

Wow, again a great scenery with hundreds of soldiers. What a bloody attack
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Posted by C M Dodson on 27 Feb 2024, 05:36

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to look at and comment on my project .

It is very humbling to receive such praise.

It is currently freezing in the garage but I hope to complete the Eleven AM section soon, as the battle reaches its crisis.

Best wishes,

C M Dodson  United Kingdom
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Posted by Susofrick on 27 Feb 2024, 09:09

This is still one of the best movies here!
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Posted by despertaferro on 27 Feb 2024, 18:12

Really amazing.
I know is not your goal, but if you want them looking like a movie stills, maybe you should pick a real film frame ratio... :-D
Some suggestions;
1:2,35 Anamorphic
1:2 Modern Panoramic, most modern series
1:85 Classic Film Panoramic with spherical lenses
9:16 TV screen
1:1,66 Classic Film Standard
1;1,33 Old TV screen

Warm regards
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Posted by C M Dodson on 19 Apr 2024, 13:44

The Battle of Antietam ( Sharpsburg ) 17th September 1862

Timeline 11.00AM

Union troops under the command of Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis have been beaten back over the Rhorbach bridge having suffered severe casualties in the assault.


Meanwhile, the Second Division, Major General John Sedgwick commanding, with Major General Edwin Summer in attendance, have been met by a furious fusillade from Jackson's last defensive line in the West woods. The enormous casualties caused have resulted in the first Brigade routing into their compatriots creating chaos.


Major General Lafayette Mc Law's has finally got his Division organised and is advancing towards Sedgewick's flank albeit at a slow pace ( due to another terrible dice roll).


Second Corps supporting artillery adjacent to the smouldering Mumma Farm are desperately tried to stem this advance, themselves under accurate Confederate artillery fire.


Burnside's initial assault has been repulsed and Sedgwick is in trouble.

However, the sunken lane action has now reached a critical point with Brigadier General William French's division poised to overwhelm the ragged defenders.

On to Richmond!
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