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Skirmishing with Rapid Fire?

Posted by Harry Faversham on 06 Aug 2022, 09:22

I seem to recall reading about a gamer using Rapid Fire rules for skirmish games. I'm wondering how you'd kind of sort it? F'rinstance, the core rules don't differentiate between a rifle and Tommy Gun.
If anyone's had a go at a Rapid Fire skirmish, I'd be most interested to hear about the house rules used.

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Posted by Little Ted on 22 Sep 2023, 20:16

Hello, not been here for a log time so have only just read your post question.

By skirmish I dont think they mean 1 to 1 representation. You can use RF rules at a lower level though by using the company unit of 8 to 10 figures as a section/squad. So rather than command a battalion of 3/4 companies you command a platoon of 3/4 sections.

Hope this helps.
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