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Lion Rampant on Show

Posted by Ochoin on 25 Nov 2023, 11:14

Our annual Train Show is this weekend, where we put on a wargame for two days - this year, Lion Rampant.

This was set during The 100 Years War - somewhere in southern France. Four, competing warbands descended on the County of Toulouse to create mayhem.

But first we had to set-up:



Each of the 32 point warbands had a camp, located in the corner of the table.



Some were mainly foot soldiers but one was exclusively mounted:


The defenders were centred around the Count's castle:

You can see, left, the coveted "Holy Grail' trophy we were competing for.




Victory points were gained by destroying defender units & the units of rivals. Bonus points were gained by burning villages, capturing fleeing peasants & livestock but the biggest bonus was gained for capturing the good Count & his lady after slaying their paladin in single combat.

Suffice it to say, a great day of gaming was had, with lots of interest from passing spectators.

The game will be repeated tomorrow.


Figures mostly Tumbling Dice 20mm & Strelets' 1/72. Castle by Zvesda.
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Ochoin  Scotland
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Posted by Minuteman on 26 Nov 2023, 18:11

Great-looking game and an interesting scenario with four competing warbands on the rampage in southern France. Good to hear that it created a fair degree of interest from punters at the show. Thanks for sharing!
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Minuteman  United Kingdom
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Posted by Rich W on 26 Nov 2023, 23:53

Good stuff Donald!
Rich W  United Kingdom
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Posted by Michael Robert on 28 Nov 2023, 13:16

Hi Donald,
nice eclectic mix of figures and epochs. Particularly interesting : the bronze statue of Napoleon on his horse :-D
Sure this kind of game is an attraction in such type of shows.
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Michael Robert  France

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Posted by Peter on 12 Dec 2023, 16:23

Nice game and pictures! Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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