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Battle of Carrhae

Posted by Das_Dirch on 25 May 2023, 14:13

Very impressive an well painted :yeah:
I feel the fray of battle
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Das_Dirch  Germany
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Posted by dombom on 26 May 2023, 10:14

I think so, the details are an important aspect and the sunlight definetely makes a difference on the photos.
Finally there is a little bit of sun in germany ^^
dombom  Germany
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Posted by Santi Pérez on 26 May 2023, 18:38

k.b. wrote:...These little details make a huge difference - can’t wait to see the wounded Parthian.

dombom wrote:I think so, the details are an important aspect...

I agree too, a lot of details can make the difference between a normal diorama and a masterpiece diorama. ;-)

Great progress on your project, dombom. :love:

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Santi Pérez  Spain
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