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Posted by Lluis of Minairons on 07 Sep 2020, 21:22

Summer is far from an ideal season for new releases, but here you have some new stuff I’ve been making available lately, for if any of these resulted to be of your interest.

First of all, some SCW Italian CTV’s Littorio Division flags (in 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 scales altogether as customary):


Secondly, a new set of War of Spanish Succession regimental flags (again in 1/100, 1/72 and 1/56 altogether) – those of the Catalan Guards, the bodyguard and elite fighting regiment of Charles Habsburg:


And last, three further 1/600 Age of Sail naval flag sets, related to Majorcan privateers, English Republic warships and Dutch men-of-war:


Hope you like them!

Lluís Vilalta
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