Diego Alatriste,1618...miniatures andrea 54mm.

Posted by santifernandez on 03 Dec 2018, 21:07

mates,After a few months of relaxation I have repainted even if it is large scales ... I have some project on the 1/72 scale that will soon start and I will put it on the forum.
At the moment a very beautiful figure and I had a good time painting.
I wish you like it.
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santifernandez  Spain
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20 Oct 2010, 14:51

Posted by Mai Strac on 03 Dec 2018, 21:24

Amazing work Santi!!! :shock: :love: :notworthy: :thumbup:
Captain Alatriste is one of my favorite character, swordsman and soldier in seventeenth century Spain.
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Mai Strac  Italy
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11 Jan 2009, 19:08

Posted by MABO on 04 Dec 2018, 07:51

Hello Santi,
nice to see a proof of life from you! Very nice figure and a good paintjob as we know it from you.
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MABO  Europe
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Posted by Kekso on 04 Dec 2018, 13:45

Well, I will reply here almost the same as I did on Facebook. Really amazingly painted leather jacket.
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by Graeme on 04 Dec 2018, 14:17

The leather is amazing and I really like the muddy cloak and boots. The facial features are excellent too.

Wonderful work Santi.
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Graeme  Australia
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27 Nov 2015, 02:39

Posted by Santi Pérez on 04 Dec 2018, 17:41

Splendid paintjob on this great figure, tocayo, really a pleasure for the eyes. :love:

Congratulations. :yeah:

Santi (the other one). :winky:
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Santi Pérez  Spain
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28 Aug 2016, 19:42

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