Carthaginian Cavalry

Posted by ToneTW on 08 Jul 2018, 22:50

Newline Designs Carthaginian cavalry miniatures had been sat on my desk waiting to be refurbished and rebased for some time now, I just kept putting them off. Now I want to have a clear of the half done projects on my desk ready for a big push on light infantry units and Zama units (of which this is one!). I was never quite satisfied how they had turned out originally, the clouding of the varnish and my over zealous bending of their arms left me feeling "at least they are done".

So I also needed to "fix" the arms, apply some highlights (particularly the bronze) and inject some colour into the riders. I ended up leaving most of the horses, some still look cloudy but its not too bad with them being mottled grey. I also changed the shields to slightly flatter ones which are the same diameter, various colours and some Veni Vidi Vici transfers from their 15mm Hellenistic range. The laurel wreath design was from an aborted homebrew transfer project. Now I feel happier with them and look forward to them taking the field in their new guise:


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Posted by elsi on 09 Jul 2018, 14:57

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Posted by Kekso on 12 Jul 2018, 16:12

Really refreshing. Great work.
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