Review of Hät's and Warlord Games Prussian Landwehr

Posted by Koppi on 01 Apr 2018, 10:43

Today I will have a closer look at two miniature sets. Warlord Games Prussian Landwehr in 28 mm versus Hät's Prussian Landwehr in 1/72.
Report in German and english. ... -neue.html




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Posted by C M Dodson on 01 Apr 2018, 13:57

An excellent summary of the products.

You are right about the Basic requirements of a fighting man being ignored or not researched properly.

The latest being the otherwise excellent Stretlets Prussians having the haversack on the wrong side making reloading from the cartridge box awkward.

Also, the Hat Prussian Landwehr being issued nearly three years too late is totally correct.

Who does the marketing for these companies? Hat Prussians, French Chasseurs WW1 Germans are all very rare indicating a demand that any normal company would exploit to the full.

Very strange.

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