Boxer-Rebellion / Russian Sailors

Posted by Tom71 on 31 Mar 2018, 15:23

I've painted a sprue from this Redbox-Set. The quality from the miniatures is not so good, so it was very difficult for to paint them.



More on my blog and in short time I will make also a preview-video :-)
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Posted by ironzentaur on 31 Mar 2018, 16:36

Quality was not so good?!? It was a joke! The whole series from red box was a great dissapointment for me. Such an interesting conflict and they made a mess out of the figures. But on the other side, - with skills like yours it is amazing what you achieved!
ironzentaur  Germany
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Posted by Jerzy on 13 Oct 2018, 12:08

I made some sonversions for Russian,French German forces and they look amazing... like Zvezda sets...So all you need to do is to change their legs....they are too small.....
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