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Posted by Beano Boy on 14 Jan 2019, 14:18

A Thumbs up for this open-ended topic. :thumbup:
Great imagination coupled with that of finding both the figures
and then painting them. :thumbup: BB
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Posted by carlosfaro on 14 Jan 2019, 15:42

MABO wrote:Very interesting to see the progress on your GoT collection. My project is sleeping at the moment. Can you tell us the origin of your character figs. The are not all conversions, arn't they?

Yes MABO, indeed I had actually seen your creations long ago , which were surely an inspiration for me also at the beggining, as well as other forum members ideas (I also found the same Jon Snow and Jaime lAnnister which I used!)

I just checked those older Game of Thrones entries and I funnily realize that I took the same Redbox medieval irish and Caesar poses for several Stark troop types as you!!! You should reactivate the projecto some day :)

Answering to your question:

1)Many are indeed conversions as all the following:
JAIME LANNISTER: Caesar adventurer (a little taller after increasing legs)
JON SNOW: Caesar adventurer (a little taller after increasing legs)
YGRITTE: ELF ARCHER figure from Boardgame "wAR OF THE rING", ears cut and some fur added
ARYA: body from revell normal + head from fantasy 15mm demonworld range
HODOR (body made from Games workshop mordor orcs parts + head from Zvezda mediaval peasant)
BRAN: Body is bad copy from Airfix french cuiassiers+head from Hat andalusian archer)
BRIENNE: Body from Miniart italian knight + italeri young gaul head (didn choose the available mounted version form Italeri Jean dArc :))
LITTLEFINGER. Converted from an strelets streltsi+norman head
VARYS: adapted Body from Linear A people of judah + strelets fat saxon head
OSHA: Body from redbox russian fighting monk + again head from young italeri gaul (quite good for androgine men-women types as you see..)
GREATJON UMBER: Body form a 28mm viking+head form an orion slav+paper tissue cloak
TYWIN LANNISTER: mounted body dfrom Henry V Italeri knights + head from zvezda peasant
NIGHT KING: Body from Orion byzantine general + very handcrafted head orignally from a 15mm Goblin

2) Not conversions (or just very small adptations) :
All original figure form Caesar Minknight "game of thrones" set, not a bad set at all in my opinion although they looked a little odd ath the begginng ...Some of them ressemble much the TV actors after painting
CATELYN STARK. metal 25mm fig form "Mega Miniatures /turnkey miniatures"
SANSA STARK: metal 25mm fig form "Thunderbolt mountain miniatures2 (sadly discontinued production klas year)
MELISSANDRE: Caesar female Vampire with appropiate "red" painting
WOLVES SUMMER, GHOST AND GREYWID. original Ral Partha 28mm different wolves still available at their online shop

STARK SWORDSMEN: Some Caesar foot XIII c knights and foot crusaders, and also some italeri crusaders and norman to make the numbers
UMBER BERSERKERS: some strelets vikings, and orion slavs with some conversion here and there
STARK HORSEMEN: direclty taken from REDBOX Scurrers and Scottish light Cav (perfect for the job!)
STARK BOWMEN: CAesar foot XIII soldiers+ Redbox scottish


LANNISTER SWORDSMEN: Caesar foot XIIII soldiers+ XIII foot knights+ XV c knights +redbox menatarms and retinue, plus revell knights to make the numbers
LANNISTER HELBARDIERS: Redbox Men At arms and retinue
LANNISTER CROSSBOWMEN: Redbox, Miniart and Zvezda different medieval sets

WHITE WALKERS: Alliance elves

Still also collecting suitable figurtes for NIGHT WATCH and WILDLINGS.. I will inform soon :)
And after that: Unsullied, Maybe some Bolton, Men of Iron, HOuse baratheon (stannis)..House Tyrell.. Lets see..
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Posted by MABO on 15 Jan 2019, 12:16

Thank you for this bunch of informations. And thank you as well for the kind words about my work. I hope to continue some day, but I think you know the problem of many ideas and many different figures on the table.

I will keep you informed about any progress, of course.

Btw: Do you already know this range?

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Posted by carlosfaro on 15 Jan 2019, 12:23

Heje , yes I know that range, they are around 40mm , very beautiful and extremely expensive..

Actually I am adapting this interesting and easy ruleset to play with my own 1/72 "production" ; it is some kind of "light"warhammer with inclusion of "non combat units" or chRschters which are very relevant in Game of Thrones universe

I found this game casually in November while I was searching inspiration pictures for my work!! It was a nice discovery!!
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Posted by MABO on 15 Jan 2019, 18:07

I saw the figures at the Crisis last November. They are really nice but in a box there are not so many different poses.
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