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Roof-top of La Haie Sainte

Posted by Beano Boy on 18 Feb 2014, 14:47

Hi blucher great news about info on your Roof! Here`s mine i made years ago.Image.....This photo shows the Farm after the French had taken the place,by storm.Image......The germans all brave lads out of ammo had to leg it out the back,and up the hill......These are unseen pictures that were restored from my old laptop,before I smashed it up.Image...They show the French inside the La Haie Sainte, Mopping Up,and Line lancers without the Wings in support.Image I made hundreds of tree`s for another Diorarma which I use often,however many ended up useless because they all went Rusty and fell to bit`s.Those I do use were the first ones that I made which did not Rust!...............BB
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