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Amazon Female 1/72 (Updated 15-Mar-2012)

Posted by Duke atreides on 15 Mar 2012, 17:58

They wouldn't be amazons if they didn't ride their horses...
Duke atreides  Portugal
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Posted by RayCaruana on 15 Mar 2012, 21:58

DannyC wrote:
hello~ Tantallon2
Thank you for your opinion~~
I have made a thinner spear instead of the thick one.
And also the length of the quiver has been increased.

Much, much better Danny C :cheers:
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RayCaruana  Malta
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02 Dec 2009, 23:30

Posted by Tantallon2 on 15 Mar 2012, 22:53

Excellent response to my (and others) feedback, spears much better now and the quiver looks just right.

Now what about those Amazon cavalry? :-D
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Tantallon2  Scotland
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Posted by kevinrolfe on 02 Feb 2015, 13:39

Are these figures the new dark alliance amazons ?
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21 Feb 2012, 01:16

Posted by Roland_Kupski on 02 Feb 2015, 14:00

Were can we get them in Germany?
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Roland_Kupski  Germany
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20 May 2008, 20:10

Posted by MABO on 02 Feb 2015, 14:07

Hello Roland, back here again??

As far as I know they are no longer avaliable. Tom Winterkamp has them in his shop. But maybe you still can try here:

1/72 > Other models :read:
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MABO  Europe
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Posted by Kelmi on 12 Feb 2019, 22:25

Thats the older sisters from linear-a Amazons!
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Kelmi  Germany
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24 Apr 2017, 17:33

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