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Is Zvezda still trading and making miniatures?

Posted by OwenChpw on 03 Oct 2022, 01:29


With the current conflict with Russia, exports have been problematic. Does anyone know if Zvezda is still trading as a business? If not, are we never going to see a reprint of the hundred years war english peasant infantry? It's strange to think there's such a saturation of Zvezda minis on the market that could be reduced over the years.
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OwenChpw  Australia
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14 Jan 2020, 06:46

Posted by steve_pickstock on 03 Oct 2022, 18:52

I saw an advert recently through Facebook for a large scale Mil24 Hind helicopter, within the last day or so. I think that they are still trading, but how the situation is regarding supplies of stock, I don't know.
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steve_pickstock  England
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Posted by Fire at Will on 03 Oct 2022, 20:12

Several traders I have recently marked Zvezda stock down on clearance presumably because people are quite rightly not buying them due to Russia's (Putin's) actions
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Posted by Bessiere on 04 Oct 2022, 02:22

Modelers and by extension model companies exist as a community unto itself where borders only matter in terms of shipping costs but never as an extension of any kind of politics. It's a shame entire countries become alienated over the actions of a few. I hope we can resume trade as normal one day soon. We want our hobby and people need their jobs.
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Posted by Xantippos on 06 Oct 2022, 13:47

I think they are still producing, and at least some polish shops had quite fresh stocks, receiving just before February this year. Apparently seems that now would be impossible to get any, as I believe one cannot post from Russia to EU as far as I know.

Not much relevant to me now, as I don't like art of tactic, and they stopped doing their great 40+ figures long ago.

I still bought in spring a set of 1/35 snipers, which were produced I think on 2019, from a polish retailer, for fear they might be unavailable in the future. This reminds I don't have yet their Janissaries 1/72, but I think I will still be able to find as they were very much mass produced.
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