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Posted by steve_pickstock on 07 Aug 2022, 19:11

There is a rumour that there may be another big ECW game at Shrewsbury, so I thought I would add some more troops to my Shropshire Royalist army.
There are three foot regiments on the go, but I was thinking about some more Horse as well.

The Warlord Games plastic cavalry have been around a while, and they're okay. I have some issues with some of the horse poses but overall the set does the job. Last week Wargames Atlantic released a set of generic horses so I wondered if I couldn't use them to change up the Warlord figures a bit.

The WA set is 18 models, 3 models on each sprue; 6 horse halves (left and right), four heads and three tails, and three sddle cloths.
The fit of the parts is good, the points of attatchment to the sprues are well thought out, and when they're put together the halves join nicely. Even the poses are decent.

When you put them up against the Warlord horses they look okay.
The Warlord Horse is on the left and the WA horse is on the right.

However, there are some niggly problems with the WA models - the ears look like an afterthought, and some of the sculpting (particularly around the lower legs) is clumsy and not very well shaped. The harness on the models is a bit heavy. These are not incurable probems - they can be fixed with a bit of greenstuff or the gentle application of a dremel.

But the main problem is trying to fit a Warlord horseman to the WA mounts.
You can see that he sits far too high above the saddle to be usable.

With the saddle cloth on I had to get a bit brutal with the dremel to get the horseman to sit better.
The first thing I did was run the dremel tool around the inside of his legs, and then I hit the widest part of the horse itself.
It looks rough, but a bit of liquid greenstuff will make it look more presentable.

After that the rider sits much better.

The next thing I tried was a saddlecloth made out of a section of blue painter's tape. With the horse harness thinned underneath this works really well. It also reduces the overall size of the cloth.
(It's not a good picture, I know, the natural daylight was not cooperating).

There is a third idea, I had, and that is to roll out some greenstuff very thin and use that instead of the cloths that come with the kit. I can make a stamp to get the shape and the greenstuff will help adhere the figure,

So I can fix the problems - but is it worth it? At the moment I want to say yes, it's just a question of organising the task, after all it's only a dozen or so models. But you might want to ask me again in a few weeks time.

Stay safe, stay cool everyone, thanks for looking in, Pickers
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Posted by Peter on 07 Aug 2022, 22:15

Looks like a nice topic to follow Steve, so I will do that! Great to see how you solved the first problems! :thumbup:
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Posted by Fire at Will on 08 Aug 2022, 20:41

Interesting, please keep us updated. I would like to add a little bit more variety to my small 28mm ECW collection
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