Russian army in 15mm

Posted by TK on 19 Nov 2020, 20:22


I painted Russian infantry and artillery with 400 figures.








They are good for Hungarian war of Indpendence in 1849 and for Crimean war.

The figures are from the new 15mm Hagen Miniatures sets.

TK  Hungary
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Posted by Peter on 19 Nov 2020, 21:52

You have been busy Kristian! But the result is wonderfull! Real nice painted army! :thumbup: :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by Rich W on 20 Nov 2020, 00:07

Very impressive work!
Rich W  United Kingdom
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Posted by Kekso on 27 Nov 2020, 20:41

That's awesome
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by Kostis Ornerakis on 27 Nov 2020, 21:26

Wonderful work!! :notworthy: :-D
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Kostis Ornerakis  Greece
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Posted by MABO on 29 Nov 2020, 13:28

I second the applause!
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Posted by santifernandez on 29 Nov 2020, 13:58

MABO wrote:I second the applause!

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santifernandez  Spain
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Posted by C M Dodson on 29 Nov 2020, 15:32

Excellent stuff in the ‘Grand Manner’.

Well done, your hard work is a triumph.

Best wishes,

C M Dodson  United Kingdom
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01 May 2015, 18:48

Posted by Santi Pérez on 02 Dec 2020, 19:12

A titanic effort with fantastic results. :love: :notworthy: :love: :notworthy:

My very best congratulations, Krisztián. :thumbup:

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Santi Pérez  Spain
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Posted by sansovino on 03 Dec 2020, 21:24

Wow, this is really an army! Good organized and well painted in really a very small scale.
sansovino  Germany
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