Zvezda production video

Posted by Kekso on 18 Oct 2020, 10:12

Warning, some contents of following video can make you drool :xd:

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Posted by Minuteman on 18 Oct 2020, 17:29

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this.

I have seen automobile production with robots (the BMW Mini works at Oxford, UK), but it had not occurred to me that these machines would also be serving our hobby....of course they are in almost any factory I suppose, but it was interesting to see how they are used at Zvezda. Pleasing to see that there are still a few jobs left for humans.

I think I spotted production of a Stars Wars Imperial Star Destroyer which, were I in the market for one, would certainly cause a certain amount of dribbling.
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Posted by Wiking on 18 Oct 2020, 21:27

Thank you for sharing.

Ist that a real surprise for me?

Innovative - High quality =Zvezda.

Approx. four to six figure in a box. Multi pose, fine made. Fit is great.
The very most in easy to cut, easy to glue hard plastic. :thumbup:
I get this idea a few years earlier. Think about the Dragon 1/35 figure set, why not for 1/72 ?
Useful pose for small money?
Zvezda make it possible !

Tracks in one piece. Done fist by the gone company MACO.
And additional the connecting system for the tank tracks.
Not the most bad idea for beginners. No ugly no glue accepted rubber band tracks.
Zvezda once again.

High quality:
All sets I own are without imperfections. Fit is good till great. Boxes are nice and in the size of the trees.
Realism of the model or figure is high.
Available in several shops. Reasonable prices.

Zvezda well done !
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