Wurttemberg Artillery 1812

Posted by Fire at Will on 21 Jul 2020, 21:45

Some Napoleonics for a change and some recently purchased items. These are the HaT Wurttemberg Artillery with their Austrian Cavalry Artillery Limbers

A nice bit of colour to add to the table, horse artillery on the right and foot to the left

The guns do not have any "yellow" fittings as are often mentioned as I could not find a single example of it in my copy of Faber du Faur, and I have given the foot gunners grey overalls to match his depiction, except for the NCO who wears blue.

Details of the Wurttemberg Artillery can be found in the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal (
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Posted by Bessiere on 21 Jul 2020, 22:04

Nicely done sir! I have these on my to-paint list for next year so it's great to have such a fine example to work from. Carry on, best regards, Bessiere
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Posted by Bill Slavin on 22 Jul 2020, 13:37

Yes, those look very nice! I, too, have them on my "to paint" list, although they will be Baden artillery when I'm finished with them. They look like a very nice set - I'm eager to get into them.

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Posted by Peter on 12 Aug 2020, 13:23

That is some good painted artillery! :thumbup:
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