Strelets Rifs/Bedouins

Posted by Fire at Will on 02 Oct 2019, 07:09

These are the new Strelets Rifs, that look more like Bedouins. Still a nice addition to my existing Arab forces for early C20.

The foot figures

The cavalry/camelry

Pictures not that good, partly due to the poor light with the rain and maybe the new camera!
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Posted by Marvin on 02 Oct 2019, 09:20

At a distance, they are looking great and I'm liking your basing design too. :thumbup: I've had a go at their camel patrol and their xxth century FFL figures and I was impressed.
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Marvin  United Kingdom
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Posted by Peter on 03 Oct 2019, 11:37

These are on my wish list. I hope I can buy them at the CRISIS next month! ;-)

Very nice and colourfull painted figures Will! And very inspiring! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by XbriX on 04 Oct 2019, 07:02

Great, colorful painting. I absolutely love it!
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