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Poll ended at 30 Aug 2018, 21:14

Cinematic First Nations Warrior
Total votes : 20

Posted by Dad's Army on 23 Aug 2018, 21:14

This is duel nr.176 folks!

The rules this time were:

The duel against mister X, who will duel every month..
- Native American Warrior, Atlantic set 1005/1008
- Monthly duel mister X
- 2 pictures

You have a week to choose your winner.
Once again gentlemen take your places and may the best painter win.
Please leave comments after the duel has finished





"Cinematic First Nations Warrior"


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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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18 Nov 2007, 22:53

Posted by Dad's Army on 30 Aug 2018, 21:20

And again a duel has been come to a end.
Just 20 votes, and with 75% a clear winner: Mr. X
Congratulations to him.
He was up against Pieter, a not very active member here on our forum.
But an example for all the other members, he dears to duel!
Well done Pieter, hope you want a rematch now!
For all the 19 other voters, thanks for making it a real duel.
And all our other members, I don't know why you don't join, a shame.
Hopefully next duel we can count on your support.

Now it's time to leave your comments!
Next duel will be up this sunday!
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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18 Nov 2007, 22:53

Posted by Kekso on 30 Aug 2018, 21:58

It was interesting duel. Thanks for voting.
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Kekso  Croatia

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Posted by Graeme on 31 Aug 2018, 02:36

I liked both entries, both were well painted with a nice highlighting technique.

Unfortunately only the rear view photo of Pieter's figure was showing when I voted, perhaps a problem with my computer. Mr. X got my vote because I could see the figures face and I thought he looked a bit like Michael Pate (most cinematic first nation warriors do look like Michael Pate), and because it was a bit more colourful, I liked the purple shirt.
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Graeme  Australia
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27 Nov 2015, 02:39

Posted by Susofrick on 31 Aug 2018, 07:54

A very nice duel! Seen some of Pieter's work here and liked it, but here I liked MR X's entry a little bit more. Can only agree with Remco, dueling is great fun!
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Susofrick  Sweden
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Posted by Mr. Andrea on 31 Aug 2018, 09:37

Congrats to Pieter for challenging Mr. X! Both figures were very well painted. I think those additional color touches made by Mr. X on shield, belt and spear led him to victory. Nice duel again
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Mr. Andrea  Germany
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18 Mar 2015, 12:43

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Posted by Bluefalchion on 31 Aug 2018, 20:56

It is nice to see those Atlantic figures from yesteryear in a duel, although they bear no resemblance to any historically accurate depiction of the subject. I thought it was cool to see each painter follow a different strategy for painting the warrior. Both figures and photos ended up looking good. I think the shield may have been the deciding factor.
Bluefalchion  United States of America
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23 Dec 2010, 07:57

Posted by Peter on 02 Sep 2018, 21:20

Voted on the very last moment, but the decision was allready fallen. Never mind I voted! ;-)

Congrats to both of you! I really like that Atlantic figure! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by MABO on 02 Sep 2018, 21:48

Congrats to both and for me it was a duel to honour the work of Atlantic classic figures.
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MABO  Europe
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