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Hät - Austrians for the 7YW

Posted by Koppi on 11 Feb 2018, 10:24

Only an announcement, but I think it's really interesting for some of us.
Also you will find some nostalgica, as always, when I write about 1/72.
Yes, I'm getting old. :D
Report in german and english. ... r-den.html


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Posted by Zed1 on 11 Feb 2018, 12:08

Personally, I'm done with this. The M-A-C (march-attack-command) format was, on the one hand, not bad at all. Returning to that format, if these poses represent the real McCoy, is in fact a march backward.
You get one shooter, one loader - with the usual 3-4 sprues, making up a firing line will give you the necessity to buy 20 sets. Plus: you have no standing command figures, only marchers. Plus: they will all look like clones because eventually you have 40 totally identical shooters. Same with the charger - who needs one bl*** charging infantryman when you haven't even charging commando figures to run with him?

So in fact, the only role that is provided in a good ratio, are marchers.

The next thing are the cavalry sets - 4 rider poses (even with the interchangeable arms), 2 horse poses. Looks odd. But tell them... they really don't care.

Dunno - maybe it would be a better idea to create sets 'by role' like Strelets does: charging, standing at ease, firing, marching. You have plenty of poses for one certain purpose. In case of HaT (and other plastics and metal figure producers, unfortunately) you always are in need of buying loads of sets because of that stupid number-of-poses-ratio and then you're in need of making many major figure modifications if you don't want to have a clone army on your desk.
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Posted by sansovino on 11 Feb 2018, 12:36

Dear Koppi,

what a wonderful compact review of the past and contemporary figure production in 1/72. I like its statements, very individual and vivid style which includes also some astonishing contradictions which you achieve to reflect and to explain us.

My very personal remarks: Esci did a really good job in the past, but lacks quite often some sad weaknesses in historical accuracy (example bayonetts!) - so I esteem them not so high like you. The disappearance of the RevelI figures was really a big loose for all of us. I agree also mostly to your critic of Haet, although I esteem that a good third of theirs figure-sets were the best ones which were produced in 1/72 - besides the absolutly outstanding standards of former Zvezda. I am still more positive how fast Haet had developed from their beginnings to more and more higher quality of figures - and without Haet our world of 1/72 would have been poorer, many periods and conflicts wouldn´t been exist in plastic 1/72.

Their change of plastic material to fairly soft was indeed a catastrophe not only for everybody who like to work with figures and to paint them - besides the ridiclious impossibility to get their rifles straight and not curved. Theirs hard changes in sculptural styles (the volumetry and giant heads of the 1806-range) and sizes (huns and 7YW prussians, the romans and new sassanid riders) made it quite often impossible to combine these figures with other figures of the same period which was and is really a big annoying pity.

But indeed let us hope that the new Haet guys will produce again wonderful figure-sets in acceptable periods of time.
We all need such precious producers like Haet who continue to produce new figures - but please more accurate in size, useful material and style! So we all have to hope that Haet will return to their former impressive huge production circulation.
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