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Crash or Crash Through!

Posted by Rosbif on 05 Mar 2017, 01:12

Hi all,

I ran an all-1/72nd scale game at my club recently using only my figures, so there were no fat 28mm interlopers spoiling the view! :xd:

The premise was that the allies were deployed in a loose screen covering a French occupied town off-table. The French player was outnumbered, but had concentrated forces, while the allies were dispersed. Also, the fact that half the allied force was Spanish didn't help the cause! :P

Portuguese Cacadores and artillery hold the ridgeline

French infantry assault the Spanish held village

French infantry attack Spanish reserves

For more pictures and a full report, visit the blog.
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Rosbif  Australia

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Posted by Peter on 08 Mar 2017, 22:32

Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by Cryns on 09 Mar 2017, 12:16

Rosbif wrote:using only my figures, so there were no fat 28mm interlopers spoiling the view!

Great. This makes it much more attractive to the spectators.
Some gamers only want to play with their own painted armies.
But this is much better.
And next time you play with those fat interlopers against other fat interlopers :mrgreen:
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Cryns  Netherlands

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