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Help to show my pictures

Posted by Lacc on 17 Feb 2017, 21:59

Hello hobbiemates,
I'd like show you step to step, my new project: Bull Run Up Alabama.
It is Massimo's set about beautiful Don Troiani's picture.
Although I have a problem because I don't know some good sistem to Up my photos.
If there is some Spanish member that he can help me....
I don't write post with my job since longe time by this matter.
Lacc  Spain
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22 Nov 2011, 00:17

Posted by Traveller1865 on 17 Feb 2017, 22:07

I'm not Spanish but maybe this helps...

1. Go to

2. click "choose pictures"

3. click on the image file on your computer that you want to upload, your image will be uploaded automatically.

4. Several links will appear, copy the one which says "direct link"

5. Create post on Benno's forum, paste the link in the post, then mark the link, and press "img" the red button above the post, the link has to have the [img] tags around it.

6. Press submit and the image will show up.
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Traveller1865  Sweden

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07 Feb 2017, 19:51

Posted by Lacc on 17 Feb 2017, 22:40

Ok, friend!!!
It is very easy and fast way!!!!
thank you very very much, I am going to Up some pictures tomorrow...
thank's again
Alfredo :notworthy: :notworthy:
Lacc  Spain
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22 Nov 2011, 00:17

Posted by Beano Boy on 18 Feb 2017, 00:29

Alfredo,very nice to have you visit again,and big warm welcome back. BB
Beano Boy  England
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Posted by Lacc on 18 Feb 2017, 05:50





My last test before starting my WIP.
Thanks BB
Lacc  Spain
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22 Nov 2011, 00:17

Posted by Wiking on 18 Feb 2017, 06:53

Look very well done. These light armed officer.
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Wiking  Germany
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14 Sep 2015, 10:03

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Posted by Cryns on 18 Feb 2017, 11:57

I like to thank Traveller and Marvin (if I remember it well) and all other members, moderators and webmasters for helping other members to post their pictures to our forum.

I found it very difficult myself in the beginning: a forum without possibility to upload pictures directly from my own computer.

It took me a long time to find out where in this forum I can find the subject HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURES.
Once I find my way to the section FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (the icon of this, three horizontal bars, make no sense to me) I still can find nothing at all under the subject POSTING ISSUES.
Here they talk about things like BUMP, APPROVE, POLL, things we don't need I think except the webmasters themselves. But nothing at all about uploading a picture and that is what it all should start with I think.

I think our dear moderators and webmasters did not realize this to be a problem because they are from 'the smartphone generation' (Benno and Kekso) or they are just very clever guys used to work with computers (Dad selling them) and communication systems to protect a kingdom from enemy attackers (Peter).

And even then: I was not a user of any online bucket or photoshare.
I discovered step by step how photobucket worked.
Why it is so terribly slow. And how you can solve that by paying one euro a month to stop the terrible advertising popups.

After my first few uploads to Benno's Forum, I decided to put my photobucket pictures in separate maps..... And then all my pictures disappeared from the forum and turned into YOUNG CATS. I had to ask for Dad's help again.

So this is what is missing in our forum I think:
A very clear link ONT TOP OF THE HOME PAGE:


And immediately a second link:

(or other similar systems)
With a warning to all users: Once you upload a picture, you can never move it to another sub-map anymore. So you better be well organized and prepared before you upload your very first picture.

The bucket of my photobucket is still full of hundreds of pictures that can never be moved again.
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Cryns  Netherlands

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11 Nov 2015, 15:33

Posted by Bluefalchion on 18 Feb 2017, 16:43

Thanks for your comments, Mr. Cryns. I had a similar experience. For me, photobucket was about a ten-step process. But, I needed to use my pc for some of the steps, and my phone for some. Now that my pc is almost ten years old, it mostly just collects dust downstairs in my wife's office. She does use it occasionally for work to view video files that will not work on her mac, but otherwise the thing is turned off 90% of the time.

I may try another service to see if that works better. Anyone have more recommendations for image hosting sites besides the ones mentioned?
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Bluefalchion  United States of America
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Posted by Dad's Army on 18 Feb 2017, 22:42

Cool paintjob Alfredo!
With an eye for detail, and a good choice for a figure.
Never seen this figure before, with a umbrella, awesome!

Than about posting pictures...
Only new members have the problem, and as you can see there is always a member or mod to help.
If I am right, the first post in the FAQ section is about posting pictures.
The forum is separated in different sections, so thats why it is in the FAQ part.
If a mod can help, he sure will do so!
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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18 Nov 2007, 22:53

Posted by Peter on 18 Feb 2017, 23:11

Dad's Army wrote:If a mod can help, he sure will do so!

Depends on the payment of course! But we can help! :-D
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Peter  Belgium

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