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Les Higgins/ECW

Posted by pipers on 19 Jul 2015, 04:36

Hi folks I recently bought a miniature of this brand
and the truth that the infantry is not bad.
They are a bit small, but there is always way
to fix this. I liked especially
the dismounted

pipers  Spain
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22 Mar 2015, 05:15

Posted by Tony Barton on 19 Jul 2015, 21:27

They were delightful, and quite original when they were first issued in the 1960s. I once had quite a lot of them, and a meeting with Les Higgins was one of the things that inspired me to make figures myself. I am amazed to see that there are any still around !
Tony Barton  United Kingdom
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13 Nov 2013, 12:38

Posted by davbenbak1 on 27 Jul 2015, 14:48

Yes I have ordered some of the Les Higgins Cavalry to match my Revell 1/72 figures from John. Great service! The mounted figures are a little bigger than the infantry for some reason and seem to match better. The horses, though thicker, are a tad smaller. I found the S range Minifigs infantry he offers to be the best infantry option. He was kind enough to send me a "sampler" pack of each range.
davbenbak1  United States of America
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13 Nov 2014, 15:53

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