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Posted by Benno on 31 May 2013, 16:10

Just a few simple rules...

1. Respect eachother
From time to time there are heated discussions about for example historical accuracy. All these discussions result into nothing else than people getting upset. If someone wants to be historical correct, let him be. If someone doesn't want to be historical correct, let him be. The most important thing is to have fun.

2. Say it nice
When you want to share constructive critisism: say it nice. It's easy to use a very negative tone on the internet because you can't see the other person. Still you're talking to a real person with feelings, so he might feel being attacked when you say something using a negative tone of voice. Take in mind that this is an international forum and that English isn't everybody's first language. What somebody wants to say might sometimes differ from what you think he's saying. If you're not sure it's best to send him a PM and ask him what he means. Sarcasm and irony can best be avoided because these are mostly misunderstood. Different languages/cultures lead to misinterpretation, resulting in people attacking eachother. My advice is to be a bit more careful in what you say and to stay calm when you think you're being "attacked".

3. No political or religious discussions
People have stong beliefs and thoughts and mostly don't agree with one and eachother. It's best to avoid these topics to prevent people getting hurt.

4. No flame wars/personal attacks
Just don't start or join one. If one arises: don't join in and contact me or one of the mods to clean up the topic.

5. Promoting/advertising products
This forum is one of the biggest and most active communities on the web for 1/72 scale miniatures and smaller, thus giving a high exposure to people who promote/advertise their products. People with a financial interest who wish to promote/advertise their products on this forum are required to pay a €10,00 donation for each topic they advertise in (please put the name of the topic in the description of the donation), OR to buy an advertisement slot (click here to buy an advertisement slot). The promotion of products does not only extend to the news section, but to other sections of the forum as well. For example, posting photos in the galleries and adding a text like "now/soon available at XYZ" is also considered as an advertisement. I will follow a three-strike-out policy. The first two times you post without making a donation you get a warning, the third time you are not allowed to post on the forum anymore. If you have any questions please contact me at

Please don't try to work around this by letting other people post your updates or by posting under a fake account. When I find out this is happening (and I will), you, and all people involved, are permanently banned from the forum and it may have even have implications to other websites/events I manage.

6. Have fun
Remember this is a just hobby. There are some people who tend to take it more seriously than it is. In the end we're just painting/assembling/collecting miniatures, and we do it to have fun. So let us just have fun.

Six simple rules. Please follow them to keep this place nice. Thanks! :-D


(This is an updated version of the rules posted in February 2012)
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