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Ghosts of WW2's past

Posted by Benno on 23 Dec 2010, 21:59

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Benno  Netherlands

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Posted by Peter on 23 Dec 2010, 22:07

:shock: That looks so real :shock:

Great find Benno :thumbup:
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Peter  Belgium

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Posted by dutchboyinohio on 24 Dec 2010, 06:39

I've actually seen these before as I'm researching the use of AR (Augmented Reality) for mobile learning. There is a real interest in this kind of stuff. See e.g. ... index.html (for iPhone)

And you can overlay photo's on Google Streetview using HistoryPin:

Those WWII ones are really something else though..... :shock:
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dutchboyinohio  United States of America
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19 Feb 2008, 06:51

Posted by MABO on 24 Dec 2010, 13:17

Never saw that before. A very interesting work and a perfect combination. Thanks for sharing Benno!
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MABO  Europe
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Posted by Paul on 24 Dec 2010, 13:49

As an international playboy and well know after dinner racontuer...I have to visit, among other great cities of the world, Paris and Berlin on an irregular basis (regular not...remember I said a playboy) and I have seen these people walking about.
I thought they were real....and now I know they are not...Still this explains why Adolf always ignored me on that bridge...I just thought he was being arrogant.
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Paul  China

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Posted by madmax5510 on 26 Dec 2010, 14:40

Wow.. truely amazing!
Thanks for sharring!
madmax5510  Romania
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06 Nov 2010, 10:28

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