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BBC scam

Posted by Beano Boy on 30 Jul 2020, 22:02

Having been forewarned about this Scam recently on BBC TV ,i decided to add info of it here on this Forum even though it only effects BBC Licence Fee holders who pay via their Monthly Direct Debit Banking Arrangement.

World Wide,
Spam Bots gather information on line via You Tube, Face Book, Blogs, and Elsewhere like Online shopping. Personal Details,are passed along to Scammers who send out phoney e-mails pretending to be from the BBC Licence Records Office.

OK, i think you now understand how it works,but i'll add a little more.

Having obtained Mrs B's E - Mail Address their plan of rip-off went into action.

Mrs B, had an, e-mail today from the BBC's Licence Records Office.
Stating that they had not received our monthly licence fee by direct debit from the Bank.
And kindly asked her to reply to this by clicking on their e-mail.
No mention of our Bank was included in the e-mail.
Alarm Bells Rang Out!

Knowing full well the BBC does not send such e-mailing out to the general public in this way,
She, being bright as a new button, knew it to be a Scam!

Never click on this type of e-mail.
They are thieves fishing for your Bank Details.
To steal your Cash and Empty your Bank Account!

If you are living in the United Kingdom this could effect you.
Perhaps you don't have a TV Licence?

Do not reply to the e-mail.

If you did they would therefore be very interested in obtaining that juicy piece of information.
Putting extra pressure on you to obtain your bank details, or take out legal action against you.
It is all phony! And they are stealing Millions.

Bank Robbers of old had to hold up a Bank,then run for it.
These Scammers simple press buttons on a keyboard to haul in the Cash!

Checking out our own Bank Account dealing in Direct Debit Payments,
our BBC Licence Payment had been sent as usual on the 1st of the month.

I think this to be the 4th scam warning i've placed here,
and i do so because i care.
Well that's it for now. :coffee: Stay safe. BB
Beano Boy  England
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Posted by Bessiere on 30 Jul 2020, 22:17

If anything makes me lose faith in humanity this is it. Those who would steal from anyone in this manner are among the scummiest creatures on the planet. To me this is rape and should be treated very harshly.
Bessiere  United States of America
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23 May 2019, 15:50

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