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The Real Honey Well

Posted by Beano Boy on 15 Mar 2017, 15:59

Many of you guys will be aware of my railway layout that we Mrs B,and I built with the town of HONEY WELL with its tiny Rail Station spotted into place. Often I have written of this mythical place over the years,and therefore in my imagination it really exists . It was inspired and put into place in many a story and was thus mingled with places where we live,like Old Catton,with its cat sat upon a wooden barrel near the early Saxon Church,and Fiddle Wood where we live in our white ivy clad cottage.
Over a long period of confinement,( not prision ) I never forgot those places and the sights I shared with my Mrs B,upon our daily dog walks along the high rising ground called,THE TILLS.

The Real Honey Well is seen below


This is the first thing I built for my dear Mrs B. Here it is seen from underneath our raised deck. Often she spoke of buying an ornamental Well,from the Garden Centre,and one day 18 years ago while we were in the rather boring garden with grass in the middle of it and thin lined flowerbed that skirted alongside that part of the house and along the edge of ancient rotted and ivy clad fencing, I said "lets build one? "
We had been married near enough a year by then,and even though on medication for pain,my love for her over-rid it, and slowly working together piece by piece over a few days we had collected enough old bricks that had been fly tipped in our beautiful surrounding woodland to build that Well. As I remember it fondly I recall it rained constant for ten days. A real Downpour! So any such romantic pictures soon wash away. Anywhere there were bricks scattered about we carried them back in our wheel barrow and stacked them neatly in the garden.

After drawing up many a plan upon paper, I finally decided to build it with its wooden shingle roof at an odd angle jutting out from the white wall that was completely void of any window`s,and I explained to Mrs B,by doing so we would breakup the look of that stark white flat wall.

After sinking down a great deep round hole and installing pipe work coming in and others going out,all was rendered up waterproof tight and every muddy mix ,mixed by our shovelled hands. So then around this great deep hole that had dried out hard as granete,we built up in the layers of brickwork with many a laugh and a muddy smile._________ For we are not bricklayers!
A week later the ancient wood frame design ,that would house many a spider in the near further was slipped into place into two hollow brick columns,then top framed installed and shingled over with fresh cut wood. Job Done.

We stood back and admired our over the top 10 foot high handywork,
and we named it HONEY WELL.

The water flowed in,and overflowed out, but where to?
That is a story for another time. BB :-D
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Posted by Peter on 19 Mar 2017, 19:08

Real nice work and story Paul! :thumbup:
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