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Winnetou - Der Mythos lebt

Posted by Wolfie65 on 11 Jan 2017, 15:29

Michael Robert - That does sound awful.
I'm guessing N'scho-Tschi - which, by the way, is NOT an Apache name, and neither is Winnetou - is your basic average 1990's-onwards Warrior Princess™, á la Katniss Everdeen ?
Looks like they used pretty much the same locations featured in the 1960s films, which resemble something like Idaho more than the American southwest, which is a very unique landscape not found anywhere else on earth, but that may have a lot to do with budget constraints.
I'm sure it's cheaper for a European company to film in Croatia than to ship everything to the States.

We got our first TV when I was 4, I still remember my uncle carrying that black-and-white Telefunken with clunky push buttons through the narrow hallway entrance.
Only 2 channels, but built like tank. I think that thing would still work today in areas with analog signal broadcasting.
So would the rotary dial phone, hardwired into the wall, that always had crystal-clear reception and never dropped a single call.

I actually got to see Pierre Brice live on stage, must have been mid-1970s, at a concert/event hall in a theatrical version of Winnetou, about 3-4 hours, complete with intermission, just like in the theater.
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Posted by Emperor on 11 Jan 2017, 19:00

About that with 3 programs and nothing else to watch, it was same at us. Only 3 channels, but still everybody must agree that then was way better than this today. What I got today is 200 channels and nothing to watch.
Not to mention AXN that is going on my nerve with their homicidal investigation shows. Man I don't know about you but I really don't like shows that are full of unpleasant tension and that presents modern society in manner that there are only crimes. Only thing worst than TV are newspaper with exception of Funny Paper. Man front page politics, 3 to 5 pages, middle news about criminal 8 pages, than 3 pages about some folk singer which they produced to some version of God and in the end the worst of it all... ,,Novak Djoković the ,,hero...'' This last gets me mad...You can not turn your nose anywhere not seeing him. He is annoying, I even draw a comic in which he comes out of fridge in 3 o'clock after midnight only to give a house owner some milk and say how ,,he loves him'' to mock his idol status...
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Posted by Wiking on 12 Jan 2017, 05:12

Emperor wrote:
What I got today is 200 channels and nothing to watch.


I get around 1/3 of it. In best case 2-4 are useful for me.
The other 60 ... Emperor wrote: ... nothing to watch.

But this let me think who will watch all this cr.. ? What do we pay and not only count in money for all of that sh.. ?

I am sorry to the moderators because this is off topic to
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