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Spammer Bugging my Blog

Posted by Beano Boy on 26 Nov 2016, 14:18

Although not offensive I find myself having to delete a certain guys comments he has placed upon my little space on the Internet. The comments are always linked to his website of business. So if guys hit his handle,name they get his irritating stuff advertised. I have a Spam Box Filter,but this guy has been adding really stupid comments on my stuff. Sure it is a place for fun. However when I place how to make castings of 20mm scale wooden barrels,I hardly expect or indeed need a lecture on the proper use of real barrels. Perhaps I should Spam him constantly. As it is I see this smart Alec`s profile link and just delete it without reading his monolog of irritating display. I own my space. It is my Blog. I like good comments,and always answer them,but I do not allow Advertizing in any way shape or form and this is what this Spammer is doing.He started to hit my Blog 8 days ago. First one or two irritating comments not relative to any of my topics,but now it`s 5 or 6 times a day. I have to delete them before others click onto his handel then they catch a cold from this guy and get Spammed themselves. This is what I have just done today. BB
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