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Dealing with a Fellow who is no Credit To E Bay

Posted by Beano Boy on 26 Jun 2016, 06:21

:mrgreen: Hi Guys,i have been trying to deal with an Utter Fool on E Bay,over the none functional incomplete items of rubbish he sent me. I sent photo`s of damaged items to him. "Sorry I never looked in the box" ,was his reply. ________I hate a liar. :cowboy: "Yah! Me Too."
I informed him that they were only fit for the bin,and not worth the postage to send them back. After this a long period of non communication ensued inspite of my mail to him.
Inspite of offering to return his other useless stuff he never got back to me saying he would accept it. Which must be agreed upon. So I waited and waited. :mrgreen: "BB`s ,such a good waiter .After all he waited all those years before becoming 67!"

A silent couple of weeks pass by and I figured to raise issue concerning him with E Bay.

:-D _________Without any notice he fully refunds the money, there`s still total silence and after a while longer I guess that he`s took my word and has accepted the outcome of his foolishness.

Yesterday Arrived,and by the end of it I felt like saying to him strap on a gun in High Noon Style! :cowboy: " Yah! Fill I`m Full of Lead!" .

My wasted time on this matter has cost me in lost writing time much more than the £30 refund.


However I always cover myself by taking photos,before and after opening anything ,because as they say "The Poof is in The Pudding."

Because of a failure to communicate i trashed the useless box. :thumbup: "Yah Got Rid of it Mrs B,wanted it gone. :joker: " See there was a joke stuck on it FRAGILE."____ :-) "That's a good one ."


Well who would want this taking up space in their home? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: "not us."

After all sending a Two and a half foot by Eighteen Inch damaged box back in the post would cost silly money.I also binned the Broken Pieces of Polystyrene too which were inside.


The open cardboard box with a Tatty Torn Box shoved inside it and chunks of floating Polystyrene all inside a Bin Bag!


Fortunately I kept the useless contents of the box which are worthless because they are incomplete items.

Saturday he informs me he wants it all back!

I realise now that I am in the wrong. I send him e-mails to the effect that there had been a failure to communicate_____________which total silence tends to create.

As this now eats into my day like a darn book worm i just got well P....d Off dealing with this guy.

He wants his box and polystyrene back and it`s in Landfill. :mrgreen: he he he! There`s got to be a book written about this latest Beano Boy escapade! :mrgreen: You can laugh,because I am thinking this to be very funny too. :read: BB,told this guy ,"I cannot do Magic or dig up Landfill." :cowboy: " I like That."___ :sst: "I think I do too."

The truth is I`ve just spent all evening suffering dealing with this guy by e mail. I have asked in plain simple language how much does he value a split open and torn box,and several broken pieces of polystyrene . £5.00__ £ 10__ £20?
I do believe this idiot wants me to send him a blank check and he fills the amount in.

First thing Monday,i want to return his non functional incomplete Train Set back but I do not know his address and there`s no information on E Bay of it. So today opening the e-mail game up again I`ve asked for his name and address. Well the packaging ( BIN BAG!) with return address upon it is rubbing shoulders with the other stuff in Landfill. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: he he he he he he.

This is the trainset


A broken Loco,with no front wheels and the pointed front smash off.


Three broken Coaches Rails missing and couplings damaged.
Once these are damaged one cannot obtain the couplings Disney insisted Hornby put on. They did not want other rolling stock to fit their Woody Train Set.


A control box with no Transformer, :mrgreen: It`s like having a wax candle with no wick! "
:sst: :sst: We like that."
1 piece of long straight track two small pieces of track.
All the track for bends are there,but all the fish plates are damaged so loose fitting.
So nearly all the straight track is missing making it imposable to make a cuircut.and even if it were complet theres no transformer and the Engine has had its front including wheels smashed off.

His Shop On E Bay


His Description of Item.


A Fuller Description of Item
The Box was badly torn on its underside. Yes I was aware of box damage. But I expected Great Condition of Working Trainset as stated________ that is why I bid on this item. As you guys can see I did not receive one.


Now there is nothing wrong in trading on E Bay,because your money is safe in two ways. One E Bay will refund your money. Two Pay Pal will refind your money. Theses things with guys like this are few and far between,and after trading on E Bay over four years now I have incounted three including this liar.He had another Trainset up for sale but withdraw it after I put feedback on his site. "Do Not Trade!"

Fustration is not a good thing to have or be caught up in,but I always say write it down because it relieves the tension of such an irritating thing. Has it helped. :-D Yes,i`m Cool! BB
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Posted by Kekso on 26 Jun 2016, 07:39

His positive feedback is less than 90% (89,3%). That is like "DO NOT BUY!" sign. :(
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Posted by Zed1 on 26 Jun 2016, 08:18

Well - you'll get your refunding anyway and he will get a bad feedback from you anyways.
Don't mind too much about it. Just take any box and a cheap chunk of polystyrene from the next best warehouse and send this crap back to him with a friendly remark that if he thinks it's necessary to start a war about an old box and some polystyrene, he might as well discuss that with a lawyer.

Ridiculous. First, chaps like that send you a load of junk, then they start to behave stubbornly - and all that just about an amount of money of less then 50$.
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Posted by Beano Boy on 26 Jun 2016, 10:46

I wanted to put the humouristic slant upon this post,because I found it dark and brooding but also quite funny! However I would never wish to bore! :(

Zeb,i don`t mind or worry about guys like him,i enjoy making them look small when they earn it.
I offered to send his stuff back,but he has no intension of giving me his name and address, and there`s no record of it on view on E Bay which a buyer can access.
i offered to pay for his badly damaged box and bits of polystyrene if he could put a realistic price on them.
He has informed me "To drop it." Meaning to forget about it.
He`s not able to figure out a worth for trash and he knows it,and I know it too.
That`s why I manoeuvred him into an indefensible position.

The other thing about this guy is he informed E Bay the placed item was Free Postage, then charged me Postage of £10,99 UK Sterling.
I discovered this because I could not click onto the postage charge section on the Feed Back section.
It flashed up the reason I could not click onto it,"Free Postage"
So this guy is a very shady Arthur Daley Type Seller!
I therefore asked if he wanted to end this issue?
You see, "Drop It", is not a Legal term meaning End!
So I need a legal Yes or No on this question.

I used to run rings around these guys in open court many years ago. :-D
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Posted by Susofrick on 27 Jun 2016, 07:56

Hmm, people like him makes me wonder. Don't he think people talk with each other? Or doesn't he care? This is very bad business for him and it is good of you to spread the word, Paul! :thumbup:
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Posted by Beano Boy on 27 Jun 2016, 17:31

Thank You Gunnar,you are a Buddy!
i feel with a passion for it that i try to help shut these guys down. Two i have helped upon their way by my metaphoric boot,but they pop up under new names but ip addresses spot them fast ,but then they move and reappear elsewhere. Do they do damage? Yes upon trading on E Bay they do.
i trade with people across the globe and for the most part Sellers are honest. If he had been totally honest on E Bay he could have listed his items as Spears and Repairs! If he had he would have certainly not have stumbled over me.

i asked the relevant questions required by law,and as i understand fully how the law see`s the answers to those questions,and with no Yes or No,or name and Address,he`s off a running as if Mi6 was tugging at his coat-tails.
Very True under law i was wrong in aiding Landfill with his rubbish,but i chased him away with asking its true value. Under reasonable law there is no real value in rubbish.
i block these guys as i come upon them under my name neverfootloose and i use no bad language and can well prove that point, and often they plead by e-mail,"Please Leave Me Alone."____This one has done similar! _____ They are bully boys of practiced tactics that often work for them.
As for me i will have none of that while i have a good head for such things and a well schooled typing finger to play at what i call," The Game! " BB
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Posted by dykio on 29 Jun 2016, 07:33

Hiya Paul,

Just a short message to wish you al the best with this struggle against this e-bay-b@#@$d. And i admire youre percistance in this case !
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Posted by Beano Boy on 01 Jul 2016, 00:52

Thanks dykio, :thumbup: it ended happily for us. This guy is long gone.i have his package neatly packed and the contents wrapped up in case of damage. :mrgreen: " That's funny BB!" :sst: " i think it is too."
However it seems that he lost interest in it. I cannot think why? :-D
:eh: " I`m feeling sick I don`t want it back."


They say once you place stuff on line it`s always there,this is how you catch a thief out. Evidence placed by him on the original lot. Please Notice No Postage!


Next photo shows £10.99 taken for Economy Postage.
"Relisted a legal term means last minute push_________ he added postage."
Well this economy post seemed a very good way to inflate his own pocket by another 50%!
So he charged Mrs B, for an open top Fruit Box, that he laid the damaged box in along with polystyrene pieces and all was floating about in a Black Bin Bag!
:mrgreen: "There are those who admire,those capable of making a fast BUCK from TRUCK! But not BB."

i`m all for recycling if the stuff is clean and the package is prepared by those who care,
and fully value buyers.Mrs B,and i are constantly posting stuff out by using stuff that came in..

This Account on E Bay is Mrs B`s,not mine.
So i represented her interests on this issue.
:read: " You Sure Did BB."
:cowboy: " Yah! it was a fast draw.And this guy got right between his eyes."
___ :coffee: " While I sip away me T and view my mail on line,it does seem that i have a real gift in upsetting people that i take pleasure in calling fools!_
and take further delight in being quite able to prove it!" :eh: "I feel sick."
The Camera is a Great Tool to Use. :eh: " I`ve got ta give her money back."

i believe it to be wrong to change a Listing once a Seller places it.
The rules governing this should give them only two choices.
No1. Keep the content of the original Listing intact including postage price!
No2. Or withdraw the Item in question altogether.
There seems to be a Grey Area on E Bay Rules Governing Changes once an item has been Listed.
i have raised question on this issue before with E Bay,but one receives an e-mail back that they will look into it but they are not obligated under law to inform of any outcome of their enquiries.
Being honest i have no problem with this because one should respect
The Superior Authorities eg The Law Of The State!
This one way communication is really no communication at all,
when it is proves nothing gets changed at all.

Caesar gets extra tax,and is laughing! :thumbup:
E Bay & PayPal get a percentage of postage charged and are laughing, :thumbup: :thumbup:
and the Seller rubs his hands in glee! :thumbup: And the Buyer Pays Everyone. :( "YIP! ;-) WE :( DO!"
It`s all about % percentages,profit margins and cash-flow movement from A to B to C to D !
:-D i took a little time out from other pressing things to put a funny slant to all of this. :-D BB
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