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Posted by Paul on 07 Nov 2015, 12:35

I heard that and the use of the "Black web", a newish term which is entirely misleading..put "black web" into a search engine and it Comes up with "Dark web"
It makes me laugh when I hear the media use the Term "Dark web" as they often confuse it with the "deep web", especially when they say that People are "turning to it" to use it to Chat or encrypt Messages as if that´s a criminal offence..and they seem to have become so confused as to what they are referring to that they have invented a new term "Black web".

One commentator said recently that the "Dark web" (and he variously used "Dark" or "Black" during his Report) was 500 times bigger than the "internet" which was entirely wrong.
1.The Internet is an incorrect term as he was referring to things Happening on the World wide web not the Internet. The WWW is one of the Services carried on the Internet.
2.The "deep web" is 500 times bigger than the "open web", the "dark net", isn´t 500 times´s a part of the "deep Web".

Ochoin wrote:Yep. Evidently there are a lot of not so nice people there on Youtube.

..and Youtube and other social media sites, eg; twitter, have "entry" Points to the "dark web". Exactly how they work I don´t know but apparently a lot of the racist comments are from so called "social media racists" Networks using the "dark web" to anonymously add comments to Youtube etc.
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