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Volcanic deaths in 13th century

Posted by Paul on 17 Aug 2012, 19:15

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Paul  China

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Posted by zzed on 18 Aug 2012, 08:14

well, I thought hard as suggested, and only thing I can say is that those who died from venereal diseases should considered themselves lucky in the end :?

yoke aside, there are far worse things happened and happening today

in 1932-33, somewhere between 2 - 7 millions of Ukrainians were deliberately forced to starve to death by communist party in USSR, they even tracked the refugees down throughout the union to force them back starving
no kids were spared

today people are dying massively in Africa
less than a euro per day is enough for them to survive

on the other hand, some rich kids are spending a 100.000 of euros per one meal in St. Tropez ... 57288.html
bottle of champaigne is 50.000, they bought a cheaper one after that, at a measly price of 40.000 euros
caviar was dirty cheap, making the rest of the bill

makes you think about how our world is not changed so much
the same crap as it was before, thanks to our rulers :thumbup:

my point is, that I'm far more afraid of other humans, sitting in a powerful governments, and their sponsors, than of any kind of natural disaster
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zzed  Croatia
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Posted by Susofrick on 20 Aug 2012, 07:56

Agree with zzed!
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Posted by Tantallon2 on 20 Aug 2012, 18:09

It's not clear from the article why they think these deaths were due to a volcanic eruption rather than just (and more) localised bad weather. Medieval Britain was very vulnerable to crop failures (as well as pestilence). One of the things becoming much clearer is the frequency that settlements (even towns) were abandoned up till quite recent times because of localised climate change, disease or a loss of fertility. Add volcanic eruption to your event cards for Dark Ages and Medieval campaigns!
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Tantallon2  Scotland
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Posted by Gowan on 25 Aug 2012, 05:58

agree with zzed!!! :roll:

oh and its pretty simple how volcanoes affect the climate... the sulfure and ash gets right up into the top of the atmosphere where the winds carry it around the world. it then acts like a giant pair of sun glasses and dims the light form the sun! crops cannot grow without the right amount of light, they fail. the whole planet cools, causing crazy weather, those rain storms are an indirect consequence. so the whole weather system is messed up, crops will fail and so people who rely on them, like your poor old pesant will die.

as for modern problems its not about a large volcanic explossion but a population one, so many people to feed, not enough food. The rich dont want to spare any of their food and so will let them starve :angry3: same with the Ukraine, the communists didn't want to make their own people go without so decided to take from the poor villagers!!! Africa same problem! Larger countries are actually buying large amounts of farm land to grow crops, the food is then spread emoung the people..... OF THE US, EUROPE AND ASIA.... the local africans starve! who came up with the idea of that system!!! :angry3: :angry3: :angry3:
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