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A good joke

Posted by Mário on 04 Aug 2012, 20:14

I heard this one today, I hope is not offensive to anyone.

The woman who lives in the ground floor apartment is very pious and every day when she comes out of the house she says:
Good I thank You for all your blessings.
But the guy in the first floor is an atheist and everyday he says:
God does not exist!
Well the woman was having money troubles and one day she finds at her door a lot of bundles with food and stuff and a message:
This is for you.
She says:
Lord, Thank you for the things You have given me.
The atheist jumps from behind a bush and says.
It was me, not God who gave you all this..
And the woman continues
And God, you made Satan pay for it all...

Good vacations
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Posted by mickey mouse on 04 Aug 2012, 21:12

a nice one mário :thumbup: :thumbup:
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mickey mouse  Netherlands
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Posted by Duke atreides on 04 Aug 2012, 23:21

:lol: :lol:
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