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Posted by Dad's Army on 10 Jun 2017, 10:11

Well guys, since I have been ask to post my contribution
for the FIGZ painting contribution from last week,
I show you this picture here on Benno's also:


And no I didn't win, cause I don't have good painting skills,
but to be honest, the idea was nice :mrgreen:

Maybe they will like the idea on the HäT forum as well...
So feel free to post a link to my blog there ;-)
(I am not a member on any other forum :oops: )

More about it on my blog.
I hope you will give it a visit to have a look :P
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Dad's Army  Netherlands

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Posted by Mr. Cryns on 10 Jun 2017, 10:28

Okay Dad,

:yeah: :-D :thumbup:

I like it a lot. Very surprising. You must have a good photoprinter :eh:

With that t-shirt and those Birkenstock sandals that little man looks like a German on holiday.

And yes, we should post this to Mr. Harris of Hät. I am sure he will add it on his site and appreciate it a lot. I can't think of a nicer present to him. Well I have not been active at the Hät site since I send my last entry before it went dead in 2015 for a while.

Which one of you is?
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Mr. Cryns  Netherlands

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Posted by Graeme on 10 Jun 2017, 12:15

I've posted a link to this page because I think people will enjoy it as much as I did.

lovely, creative, and fun little vignette Remco. A nice idea well realised.

I haven't seen the other entries but this is the best one I've seen so it gets my vote ;-)

Is this guy going to paint some figures for you.
Graeme  Australia
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Posted by sberry on 10 Jun 2017, 14:53

Assuming that the guy on the pic is in 1/72 scale, and that the figures in his boxes are - in his world - also in 1/72 scale, they would be of 1/5184 scale in our world. Now THAT's a challenge to paint them, I would say. But we have some real masters among our forum members who probably would be able to do even that.
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sberry  Germany
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Posted by MABO on 10 Jun 2017, 15:22

Mr. Cryns wrote:With that t-shirt and those Birkenstock sandals that little man looks like a German on holiday.

I look different, when I am on holiday! 8)
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MABO  Germany
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Posted by Beano Boy on 10 Jun 2017, 16:24

The famous figure.
A prime time of hunting was had to find this little fellow out.
Just where did he come from? Remco,found out eventually.
A great little cartoon style figure. A fine FIGZ, T Shirt too.

With white socks, and those sandals,i feel he should have won. :-D

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