The Little Tin Soldier

Posted by Beano Boy on 30 Oct 2014, 14:57

A very tall tale by Paul Howes


The little tin soldier came into being,because of a picture in the book ,Toy Soldiers ,by Norman Joplin. Well that is how the storey has been handed down since 1812,by members of the Beano family.So I ask you this, is it true? Or is it just a figment of Mr Tippings, imagination? It seems that Mr Tippings along with a Mr Mouse, have a rather unique partnership as members on the official board of some such government cloak and dagger stuff office, pertaining to colour of uniforms for all the leading brands except one,that produce fine upstanding Toy Soldiers . So this is what happened.


As we see,this little chap stands 25mm in height, and has had a very darkened history,but none passed outright judgement against him for it,and as he was so quick to sign up as a volunteer in 1812,him being last in line, and with the others all off to fight the French on BB`s work Table. Well he was to put no finer point to it,Left Behind. So now what were Mr Tippings and Mr Mouse going to do with him,or to put a finer point to it what colour uniform would they issue to him?


"This is highly irregular,"Mr Mouse argued the case to Mr Tippings."The Green 69th along with the 12th regiment of Foot of FiddleWood has sailed and all in good sound red uniforms,and they fight the French as we speak here and now."

Mr Tippings put in his to cents worth by declearing,"However this Quick Shaded fellow who`s just turned up must join another regiment of foot,and pritty darn quick about it too,and in full coloured uniform, before Horse Guards hear about it."

"This will be a slight on our authority to take the lead in dictating colours of brand new Toy Soldiers if one is to be found missing",a worried Mr Mouse said while whiping his brow.

"Now then Mr Mouse have you not noticed he`s in a French uniform," Mr Tippings snorted out quickly."

"Gad! Man! This is getting worse by the second,can we not just get rid of him somehow quick perhaps a drowning or something similar ?" Mr Mouse continued.

"No! No! Mr Mouse,Beano Boy has already dunked him into some horrible stuff,and he survived it all", Tippings decleared."

"There is no regiment left for him to join. So simple,we will just make one up ourselves on paper,and he being the only Toy Soldier in it means,Mr Tappings?

What,Mr Mouse?"

"We draw money from Horse Guards for 600 Toy Soldiers,plus Officers as well,for a full regiment,and split the proceeds right down the middle."
"That sounds good," a very happy Mr Tippings chuckled out.

" We must keep him nearby however where he can be seen," replied Mr Mouse,with a big grin on his fat red face."

Mr Tippings sounded out joyfully," Right the whole regiment ( Being Him! ) will guard these steps and let none pass,except us.The 13th volunteer regiment of HoneyWell foot will wear French style captured uniforms dyed as red as your face old chap, with yellow facings."


So it came to pass,that he would pace contented up and down guarding the steps in full view of everyone .

The Little Tin Soldier would have many a battle in the future. However none would be as horrid as that which was recorded down in FiddleWood history,As BB`s QuickShade Dunking stool episode!

I do so hope you find him fit for muster now he`s been cleaned up. BB
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