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Customize your miniature... (or: what Facebook told me)

Posted by Zed1 on 12 Feb 2020, 22:03

Hi folks!

I stumbled accross this Facebook advertisement: ... 696uIpxv0w

A customize-your-fantasy-hero site... 34mm - but a bit expensive and limited in regard to the combinations. Would you pay more then 30$ for such a miniature?
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Zed1  Germany
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17 Jan 2011, 14:25

Posted by Brok_Santatusca on 12 Feb 2020, 22:51

Hi Zed,
I guess people are paying this, yes :)
Especially for their unique roleplaying game character goes in a similar direction (28mm as far as I know). You could use the configurator for calculating the price.
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Brok_Santatusca  Europe
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07 Dec 2019, 00:21

Posted by Peter on 26 Feb 2020, 17:56

No! :eh:
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Peter  Belgium

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