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Posted by OwenChpw on 08 Apr 2021, 02:35

Just to quickly add another opinion: I suppose the higher price point could be they're expecting to sell less units (they're specialised models - diorama pieces, specialised poses or character models, people don't need as many, hence probably less sales); as such to justify making these moulds they need to sell them at higher price points (the Games Workshop model, who deliberately price character models at a way higher point because they know they'll sell less of them, hence introducing a higher price point to maintain profit - is this ethical or 'right?' - whole other discussion) - making additional sprues on a mould costs peanuts, but recouping initial cost of investment on moulds can be tricky. 

End of the day though, whether it's profitable for them will be up to the free market; if consumers decide it's too expensive people just won't buy them, and if people accept them, they'll make money. I personally don't care for Napoleonics so I'm not the target audience so I'm even in the equation but relative costs in 1/72 is also compared to other discretionary income expenditures - computer games, the pub, sports. If a $1 snack I liked doubled 100% to $2 I might not care because it's nothing out of total percentage income, but a 100% increase on a Buggati is going to burn holes in the theoretical wallet. Money also has different value to different people, etc. 
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Posted by carlosfaro on 08 Apr 2021, 06:29

I see all your points for the Mini Boxes reasonable: they are specialist or coleccionist items, they expect less sells, we can support the producer on this product, as we Want LinearA tondo more stuff...OK..

But anyway after having developed a complete scuplts, a mould with all invest, and a box etc...I Believe se would have got in same box not 1 copy but 2 or 3 of the samw sprue...
Then It can maybe keep aT 5 eur (as the cost is not in the plástic itself but in the whole model and mould development..
Then 8 or 12 fig for 5 eur, if still expensive, seems to me less hard for the customer, gives some versatility or conversion potentíal and means little in terms of production yo Linear, making customer happier...
jist an oipinion.. Inedee as Owen said, It make a 50% less relative price in comparison..makes a Big difference

I like much LinearA and Bought many products, including three Ancient minisets. I Will but still many LinearA sets, but these Mini were for me a small abuse..
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Posted by Peter on 08 Apr 2021, 16:33

It wasn't my intention to start a big discussion here about these figures. But there are allways pro's and contra's for this kind of sets. And you get 48 figures in a normal set of Linear-A for almost 10 euro. So that is good.

Maybe it had been a better idea that they did it like Strelets, and give them as bonus figures in other sets. ;-)
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