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TAKOM, new manufacturer entered 1/72 market in 2018

Posted by Erich von Manstein on 15 Oct 2018, 19:11

During the last few years the hobby saw the entry of quite a number of new 1/72 manufacturers.
Takom from China started their business with 1/35 kits 5 years ago. Since then they received positive publicity regarding the quality of their output.

Their 1/72 range was started a few months ago and although their debut was already included in this year's announcement-list (see Nürnberg Toyfair thread), I think it could be worth to introduce them a bit more vividly. ;-)

Their 1/72 range so far:

5001 - Hanomag SS 100 with Meillerwagen and V2 rocket
Set of WWII german V2 ballistic missile with SS 100 tractor and transport trailer.
Already released & available.

5002 - M1070 tractor with M1000 trailer & D9R bulldozer
Set of armoured Caterpillar D9R military bulldozer with Oshkosh M1070 tank transporter tractor and M1000 semi-trailer.
To be released during the next few weeks.

Both sets are offered at a reasonable price when considering their size.

I truly hope that Takom will stick to 1/72 for a longer period, so that they can downscale some of their 1/35 goodies for us! :xd:
Bergepanther, Mark V tank, WWI central powers heavy artillery, AMX-13 and M3 Lee/Grant in many variants... .
Their 1/35 Saint-Chamond or Volkswagen T3 variants even include nice figures, now how cool would that be in braille scale?! :xd: :drool:

Let's see what's next & Happy Modeling!
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Posted by Erich von Manstein on 02 Nov 2018, 12:50

Erich von Manstein wrote:Let's see what's next & Happy Modeling!

And here we go. :-D

2 days ago, Takom added another fresh item to their steadily growing 1/72 range.
Again, a large box because of the 2 huge kits it includes.

5003 - soviet/russian KZKT-537L heavy artillery/missile/tank-transport tractor & MAZ-537 heavy airfield tractor

The combo kit is announced for this month, so release seems to be imminent.
It's already listed at several online-shops, again at a very good price-performance ratio (considering the given quality an the huge size of the kits). :yeah:

Judging from Takoms 1/72 catalogue so far, they seem to concentrate on rather huge vehicles or reasonable kit-combos in our scale.
Following this pattern, it could be possible that more prime movers (with trailers & a "load" ideally) are in the pipeline?

The list of their desirable 1/35 kits is very tempting already:
Saint-Chamond tanks, 21cm Mörser 10 &16, Mark V tank, kurze Marine-Kanone 14 M-Gerät ("Big Bertha"), AMX-13 tank variants, M3 medium tank variants, "Strabokran" ...

But potential next 1/72 sets could be (warning, wishful thinking here):
Motorzugwagen M.12 or M.12/16 with 30,5cm Mörser M.11, M.11/16 or M.16
42cm Küstenhaubitze M.14, M.16 or M.17 with transport
KrAZ-260V Tank Transporter (with T-55 load)

A kit-combo I would really like to see in Takom quality:
M19 Tank Transporter, M20 Diamond T truck & M9 trailer (with M3 medium tank load)

Happy Modeling!
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Erich von Manstein  Europe
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03 Jan 2009, 21:31

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