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Miniart - Assault of medieval fortress

Posted by Paul on 22 Feb 2018, 17:07

Not really a new set but new packaging...Castle plus 4 sets of bods

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Paul  China

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Posted by Traveller1865 on 22 Feb 2018, 17:39

The figure sets are somewhat rare today so some value to this package, i just hope MiniArt would consider making new 1/72 sets, I liked their style of sculpting and themes a lot.
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Traveller1865  Sweden
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07 Feb 2017, 19:51

Posted by sansovino on 22 Feb 2018, 19:15

I agree to Traveller. It´s a pity that Miniart has stopped its production of 1/72-figures. It would been wonderful, if they will return to 1/72.
sansovino  Germany
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Posted by Erich von Manstein on 22 Feb 2018, 22:46

Have to say that, although I‘m not interested into this specific offer, I really like the recurring idea of such “playsets“ very much.
They often provide excellent value for money and therefore are great for beginners or kids (as well as for the old hands of course). ;-) :thumbup:
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Erich von Manstein  Europe
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Posted by MABO on 22 Feb 2018, 23:05

Thanks, Paul, for the info!
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MABO  Germany
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