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Strelets - Old Guard at Attention

Posted by Konrad on 20 Feb 2018, 21:00

And even more for our nappy fans.
Unfortunately, the pictures are very dark.
Sometimes I do not understand.
The masters of the Highlander were photographed much better.





For example
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Konrad  Germany
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Posted by FredG on 20 Feb 2018, 21:25

This is going too far, they're looking anorexic. Unless these are the ones with typhus.

They need a little more meat on them like the Noddy Holder figure in the Highlanders shown.
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FredG  United Kingdom
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Posted by Zed1 on 20 Feb 2018, 21:33

Right. These chaps look a bit too slender to me. Perhaps they've just survived starvation in Russia?
Don't know, but personally, this looks not like a set I want to have. The flag looks disproportioned and the drummer... well... what is this? A drum? And what are these drumsticks? Looks silly...
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Zed1  Germany
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Posted by sansovino on 22 Feb 2018, 19:19

Nice figures, but I won´t buy them. I need marching and fighting Old and Middle Guards. These figures are only useful for celebrations like the farewell of Napoleon in 1815, but eventually my view is wrong....
sansovino  Germany
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Posted by Erich von Manstein on 22 Feb 2018, 21:20

Thanks for sharing the rather good news. :yeah:

Better pictures would be helpful indeed.
But from what we can see, I don‘t think they‘re dramatically out of an acceptable standard size- & shape-wise.
Better pictures or the final figures will clarify this in the not too distant future.
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Erich von Manstein  Europe
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Posted by Jaques on 23 Feb 2018, 15:29

Hi friends and Strelets.
I do not know if the picture of the master figures is inverted, but if it is not, most of the soldiers are with the musket on the left, in my opinion, incorrect because it prevents the presentation of weapons.
Jaques  Brazil
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Posted by Jaques on 23 Feb 2018, 15:45

I cancel what I said before. My view is that it should be reversed.
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Posted by Michael Robert on 23 Feb 2018, 17:02

Well, I have always liked Streletz for what they brought to our hobby. All these new ideas, rare topics, characters and new approaches.
Now the figures are too slender? Let us see some comparisons before we judge. They look as if they marry perfectly well with Revell and Esci (and these are mostly fighting guys).
As for the poses - some exceptions such as Waterloo and Essling excluded they always stood and waited - like Immortals :-) . So, good choice for poses to my mind.

It's just another opinion
Vive l'empereur!!
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Michael Robert  France

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