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Minairons dropping P&P fees to UK customers

Posted by Lluis of Minairons on 07 Nov 2017, 12:03

I'm sad to announce that The Plastic Soldier Company is no longer going to carry and distribute Minairons Miniatures stuff. They haven't formally warned me over yet (something I would have greeted anyway), but all clues and indications do confirm this is irreversible. This circumstance saddens me even more if recalling that I had always taken PSC as a model to follow.

However, setbacks along the way should not stop us, look back and regret. Nothing is gained like this. This is the reason why, after some thinking, I've chosen to be proactive and decide the following: while Minairons Miniatures does not achieve a trade deal with another UK company replacing PSC as distributor or even retailer, I've dropped all order shipping fees to individual British & Irish customers to local rates (the same ones enjoyed by Spanish customers), as if Minairons was based in the UK.


Not necessary to add that every UK & Ireland local shop is warmly invited to get in touch with us and purchase Minairons stuff directly from us, so avoiding intermediaries --as other shops in Spain, EU and USA already do. Please find here our general terms for retail.

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Lluís Vilalta
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