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Summary of the next batch of new Strelets sets, autumn 2017

Posted by Erich von Manstein on 31 Oct 2017, 20:26

Although most readers may already have noticed the good news, it won't hurt to share this here as well.

Strelets confirmed a detailed list of their latest batch of new figures at their forum.
According to Strelets' spokesman they should hit the market before Christmas.

139 - WWII, Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun with crew
152 - ACW, Pickett's Charge 2
153 - ACW, US Infantry in Attack 2
156 - ACW, Confederate Infantry Standing
157 - ACW, US Infantry Standing
162 - Nap, "British" Infantry standing at ease
163 - Nap, Highlanders standing at ease
164 - RCW, Red Cavalry in Summer Dress

M122 - WWI, Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform
M126 - WWI, Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform (late war)
M127 - WWI, Arab Revolt Foot Rebels
M128 - WWII, Imperial Japanese Army in Attack
M129 - WWII, Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons
M130 - WWI, Polish Infantry ("Haller's Blue Army", late war)

14 brand new sets so far! :yeah:
I wouldn't be suprised, if Strelets would add one or even more sets to this already impressive list. They surely have that potential at the moment.
A nice mixture of different periods, with a slightly emphasis on WWI though. But there could be worse things than that imho. :mrgreen:

They also seem to re-release the following figures at least:
089 - Nap, French Cuirassiers in Winter Dress
094 - Nap, French Cuirassiers in Summer Dress
M107 - Nap & War of 1812, Tecumseh

What's more, Strelets continues to show masters for ever more sets at a steady rate.

There has never been an end to the so called "Golden Age" in our hobby.
Companies may come and go, but we still enjoy the many benefits of a prospering and healthy hobby market. :thumbup:
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