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KAMAR News - Medieval and Viking period!

Posted by andi on 31 Jul 2017, 13:38

Hi all!

Finished some new Sets which are available now:

Knight's Lance (9 different heads included)

Stamford Bridge "Duel" Set 3
Image Image

Stamford Bridge "Duel" Set 4

Hope you like them,

Available here:
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andi  Germany
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11 Jan 2011, 16:54

Posted by sansovino on 06 Aug 2017, 11:07

Once more wonderful themes and figures.... I appreciate your vivid figure-creations which are always well detailed - theirs movements and theirs interactions are very often more convincing than from other producers who are offering us more static figures with some more or less convincing gestures.

Please don´t become too expensive with your scene-groups. I understand that they need certainly much work-force but € 4,50 for 2 pewter-infantry-figures are unfortunatly too expensive for me, sorry!
sansovino  Germany
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27 Mar 2014, 21:42

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