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Strelets new bunch ready

Posted by marc zijp on 15 Apr 2017, 11:38

I think nobody denies it , they are marketleader; top figures, good for dioramamakers and wargamers Alike, serious 'beef up the rank fillers', very usefull.

Highlanders in Attack
British infantry in Attack
Auxiliaries on the March
Roman Auxiliaries Ranks
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Posted by tom s on 15 Apr 2017, 16:37

altho ive been told the golden age is over,i cant seem to keep up with buying all the new sets i want.
i need an increase in my allowance from my wife.
tom s  United States of America
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Posted by Emperor on 15 Apr 2017, 23:41

Are there any news on foot Bashi-Bazouks they announced?
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