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WWI news from Roden

Posted by Erich von Manstein on 01 Mar 2017, 16:04

Roden announced 2 WWI kits recently.

FWD Model B 3-ton ammunition truck & BL 8-inch howitzer Mk. VI with limber

The news:
More details:

The US-built truck was produced in large numbers for that period (nearly 18.000 were delivered).
The howitzer saw service from WWI to WWII. Afaik, operators were the UK, USA, Russian Empire/Soviet Union, Finland, France, Canada, Australia & South Africa.

After Strelets announced a great looking set of WWI Turkish infantry a week ago, here are even more good news for the WWI enthusiasts.

Hope that Roden will do a WWII variant of the gun in the future. :yeah:
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Posted by Wiking on 01 Mar 2017, 20:09

Thank you for that info Erich von Manstein.
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