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Posted by raph86 on 28 Aug 2020, 08:04

Hello, my name is Raphaël, I am 41 years old and I live in France. I started to paint figutines from the Napoleonian era at 1/72 since December 2019. Before I did model making on WW2 at 1/35 until the early 2000s then I stopped until the resumption brushes last year. I have been browsing the Forum since last year and I have finally decided to register. See you soon on the forum.

Excuse me for my english google :oops:
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Posted by Mr. Andrea on 28 Aug 2020, 08:46

Welcome to the Forum, Raphael!
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Posted by Bessiere on 28 Aug 2020, 18:24

Welcome aboard Raph! You joined the right place, this forum is full of experienced and very helpful modellers. Your cuirassiers are lovely.
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Posted by santifernandez on 28 Aug 2020, 19:14

Welcome Raph.
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Posted by Peter on 28 Aug 2020, 21:46

Welcome to the forum! :thumbup:
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Posted by MABO on 28 Aug 2020, 22:14

raph86 wrote:Excuse me for my english google :oops:

Try ;-)

Bonjour et bienvenue!

Show us more from your work, also in 1/35.
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